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Braxion is a proven bracket/sidepot management solution designed around the concept of accurate, fast, and efficient handling of brackets, sidepots, and the monies involved.  The design of Braxion has been and will continue to be driven by tournament and bowling center management.   Braxion is the Windows software of choice for numerous tournaments, leagues and local bowling associations worldwide.

Braxion Features Include:

  • NEW - Automated refunds!! Braxion will fill your brackets and generate a report indicating who should receive entry fee refunds.

  • Windows application with simple point-and-click operation (works on all versions of Windows, including Windows 10).

  • Online Windows Help system.

  • Logical interface design.  New users are generally proficient in minutes.

  • Optimized brackets created to minimize the possibility of two entrants competing against each other more than once in the first round of any group of brackets.

  • Up to 16 different groups of brackets and sidepots(singles, team, sidepots, scratch, handicapped, etc.) run concurrently.

  • Session-based design allows you to easily switch from one session (squad) to another.   Useful when one squad is finishing and another is coming on.

  • Blind Doubles Brackets - Entrants randomly paired with other entrants (a.k.a. Mystery Doubles/Random Doubles).

  • Handicap or Scratch.  May run both concurrently in different groups.

  • Score collection and entry for only those entrants "still alive" (if you so choose).

  • On-screen bracket viewing with entrant and group filtering.

  • An "All Brackets" calculator showing the number of brackets you can currently put a selected number of entrants in for them to all be in all brackets.  Example:   4 entrants want to be in all brackets in a certain group.  Click "All Brackets" and see what the value is for 4 entrants in that group and put these 4 entrants in that many brackets.

  • A session winnings compiler to quickly produce reports or a spreadsheet showing entrants, total winnings, and total entry fees for a list of selected sessions.  Quickly produce year-to-date totals for all the entrants and brackets you have managed!

  • A session report showing detailed session information.  Verify the session accounting using this report.

  • Numerous printing options providing scoresheets, pairings for any round, and bracket printing in a variety of layouts.

  • Many, many other useful features.

Look Good?  Please go to the download page to try it out.

Braxion was designed with accuracy, speed, and efficiency in mind:

  • Accuracy is of course the most important item when running brackets.  A mistake in score entry or handicap of a single pin may cost you, the bracket manager, all of your income for the day or more.  While the software itself cannot detect a mistake in score entry, Braxion is committed to providing software that gives you every possible means for insuring that your brackets and sidepots are correct and your profits are secure.  This is accomplished in Braxion by providing a general ease-of-use in the software itself, and specific functions for quickly double-checking entries and scores.

  • Speed is not a critical component in bracket management, but is appreciated by your customers.  Braxion is designed for quick insertion of entrants and scores, along with quick verification to minimize the possibility of an error.  Brackets are posted quickly and payoffs can begin usually within a couple minutes of the last ball being thrown.

  • Efficiency in bracket/sidepot management leads us towards our first two goals, accuracy and speed.  Braxion is designed to be efficient through eliminating keystrokes in data entry, and requiring only the minimum number of scores being collected and entered to finish the brackets and sidepots.  The latter can be very beneficial, as by the time the last game is bowled, as little as 10% of the entrants' scores may need to be collected.  Why collect scores that have no bearing on the outcome of the brackets?   The scoresheet and the score entry screen include the same entrants in the same order, so score entry is as efficient as possible.  Of course, sidepot entrants will continue to show up on the scoresheet, and you have the option of always printing all entrants and entering all the scores.