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Braxion Demo allows you to run unlimited sidepots and up to 2 brackets in a single session.  You cannot save or open sessions with this version of Braxion - you simply work in the current session.  The licensed version of Braxion includes the capability to save and re-open sessions.  Braxion still saves your current session in the background and will recover it in the case of abnormal program termination.

Note: Braxion is designed to eliminate as much duplicate competition between entrants as possible.  In other words, if at all possible, Joe Bowler should not hit Ken Kegler more than once in the first round in each group of brackets.  Normally, brackets are built instantaneously, with this optimization.  If you have a small number of entrants in a large number of brackets each, completely eliminating duplicate competition becomes impossible.   Braxion still provides optimal brackets, eliminating as much duplicate competition as possible, although it may take a little longer to build the brackets.  Bracket optimization may be turned off in these situations by simply unchecking a box.   Please be patient and realize it is not indicative of the normal operation of the program, as this scenario will rarely, if ever happen in actual use of the program during competition.